Interview With The Director

Ian Bevis Director Of Chameleon Web Services

Why did you set up Chameleon?

My dream back in 2001 was to develop a successful web company at a point when the Internet was just beginning. The jokes I remember, “Will the Internet catch on” are so comical now when I look back. I thought at the time the Internet was an amazing idea and wanted to be a part of it.

Where have you worked?

I left school and became a fully qualified technical engineer working for BMW. I developed many skills as I progressed in BMW and I left engineering to work in IT following my dream whilst Chameleon was moving forward nicely with trusted staff. I was trying to focus on my BMW job and still have an input into Chameleon and this meant that something had to give so I left BMW to work 100% on Chameleon.

What hours do you work being a director?

I have a belief that to run a successful company you need to be involved and I certainly put the hours in, simply ask my wife…

My personality means that I am always on the go and work gives me a buzz. I have an ability to learn very fast and I keep an on eye on what is going on in the Internet world to keep Chameleon ahead of the competition.

Did you think Chameleon would be as successful as it has been?

When I started the company it was from passion and with hard work comes success and the team I have at Chameleon have the same drive and ambition which in my view can only lead to success. We have a great relationship with our clients and feel proud to have helped so many companies grow in the success that they are today!

What is next for Chameleon?

Google is always doing something that keeps Chameleon on its toes. So as we develop further as a business we need to ensure our clients website benefit from the Google change rather than drop.

What is the best award Chameleon has won?

Chameleon has achieved amazing success in so many areas of what we do and we have won awards along the way over the years.

However the most impressive award that Chameleon has won has to be the award for the “Best Use Of Google Maps in 2014” which was awarded by Google to Adam Langeveld the lead Google Business View Photographer here.

This global award coming from Google who are, in my view, one of the most innovative companies I have come across, makes this award extra special. The very fact that they found what Chameleon had carried out to be innovative and special really does make me smile.