360 Panoramic Images

360 Panoramic photography began way back in 1839 and creating the images was labour intensive. Today high quality cameras, computer software and a little knowledge have sped up the process somewhat. Once the images are perfected they can be used in a variety of ways.

Google Street View Trusted

This fantastic product has really gained traction over the past year.

Any establishment with a “Google My Business” profile can have a virtual tour to enhance their presence:-

The 360 tour helps to showcase the business and will also benefit local Google rankings.

The Street View technology works on any device and there are “NO DATA HOSTING COSTS”.

It’s the perfect one-off payment service for any business.

Embed a tour onto websites from any point looking at whats required

360 tour can add value and be very useful for creating great content for multiple web pages within a website.

For example a gym website could have a pages with content about the weights area, cardio room and spin class etc.

A Google tour opening in each location is a great way to add interesting content to compliment other on page information.

We always recommend that a business includes a link to the tour within email signatures.

“Tourdash” Compliments Google Tours With Extra Features

This service is primarily designed for larger tours with lots of features. Tourdash effectively sits on top of the existing Google tour.

A menu and popups allow businesses showcase important things while still allowing users to explore the entire premises.

The branded popups can of include media and hyperlinks.

The tours featured below are the largest of their kind.

Social Media (Facebook) now supports 360 experiences

Recently Facebook have integrated 360 images into there feature set.

It’s only one image allowed so it’s not as useful as a Google tour but you can add branding and there is no need for blurring of faces.

This is a perfect quick and easy product for any business wishing to use 360 tech.


Good Morning Britain

Image produced for Good Morning Britain – Click here

The story behind the Good Morning Image – Click here

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