Birmingham SEO Comparison Update

In the past we have explained the difference between Birmingham SEO Companies and used third party FREE software to show you the comparisons so that you are able to check things out for yourself.

Birmingham SEO Comparison

Due to the nature of ranking for SEO keywords the competition is tough and SEO Companies will use every means possible to rank their own site in high SERP positions.

Unfortunately for Chameleon we have ranked number one in Google since 2009 and this has caused us to be a problem for many SEO Birmingham companies and as a result we have been attacked at the end of 2013 with what is known as negative SEO. This is used by companies attempting to cause problems for competitors to allow their own websites to over take in the ranking positions as Google picks up problems and then drops a website rankings for the reasons of the negative SEO. This can things like building links on website that point to a website that you would not like to be associated with.

Still after the attacks Chameleon has held its head up high and is ranking for a large amount of keywords when compared to the competition.

Birmingham SEO

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Above show the latest companies to be fighting for positions in the Birmingham SEO Company keywords within Google and there are some new companies now appearing.

Birmingham SEO Company Comparison

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Looking at other companies have ranked here over the latest period of 2013 Google updates you can see how clearly Chameleon SEO is strong.

Birmingham SEO Services

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Above show the companies since Google changed the goal posts in October 2013 and certain companies are now ranking for hardly any terms at all.