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Website Keyword Density Analysis Tool
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If you are not an SEO professional and need some more basic SEO help and advice then try our FREE search engine optimisation tool and find everything from your website Meta Data including Title, Description and Keywords, the server IP address and hosting server information and an array of other things like your websites Page Rank, Alexa Rank and even find when the domain name was first registered.

The tool will also show your the total number of Links and the total amount of unique links. Then the important factor which might help you see why you are not ranking for your keywords.

The FREE SEO tool will find the total amount of single words, double words and triple words and provide a list for you to look at.

Our FREE tool even looks at quadruple words and what they which will help you achieve longtail keyword success in Google.

The tool will also show you the number of unique links of the webpage and this is useful to show you where you may have a link that you did not know about.

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