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We understand the benefits of a School & Nursery Websites enabling interaction with parents and being able to quickly spread school news and events.

Chameleon is one of the UK’s leading providers of website design, social media strategy and marketing for education providers.

School & Nursery Website Design & Maintenance Company

We provide School & Nursery websites with full content managed ability and give the ability for chosen management and staffing to be able control the content on the website.

Uploading images and latest news is simple with the click of a button.

One of the biggest benefits of using Chameleon is the fact that we are not only a web design company but also an online marketing company with a team of copywriters that are well-versed in the education sector and we are one of the few Google approved photographer companies allowing us to promote a School & Nursery Website making it simple and easy to find for local parents.

We have the ability to help put Schools & Nursery’s on to Google maps and increase visibly within search results carrying out Business Photos allowing parents to use Google street view to view chosen areas of the facility from the comfort of their home on any computer or web friendly mobile device.

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