Answering the question what colour is the dress!

The image below is of a dress that has gone viral due to a conflicting colour problem following a Tumblr post.

Readers are being asked to identify what colour it is. This dilemma needs to be answered!!!

What colour is the dress – White & Gold or Black & Blue?

white and gold or blue and black dress

To provide a solution to this we have researched a little further!

The Blue colour is actually hex colour #828eb8 which is Pantone 649 C to Pantone 651C.

Colour #828eb8

The Brown colour is actually hex colour  #5e4d43 which is Pantone 7517C to 7519C.

Colour #5e4d43

The visual colouring of the produced conflicting opinions in our office. 70% of the people said it was brown and blue, 30% said purple and blue.

We hope this helps in some way to clear up the question! – What colour is the dress?