Hosting Company Name Servers

If you are looking for the nameservers for your hosting you would think that these are easy to find!

We often get clients asking us to help with simple things like this so we thought we would add a blog post with all the information so we can refer back to this in the future to save us hunting in Google.

What Are Nameservers?

Firstly a little help to make this clear in terms of what a name server actually is. A nameserver is the name that helps point your internet service provider to the actual server which controls the DNS for a domain name. It converts the name to a unique IP address and you will have a minimum of two nameservers which allows two access points to the DNS server as redundancy.
Every domain name has to have these records as these are what dictates which hosting company hosts the website files and email.

Heart Internet Nameservers

The Heart Internet nameservers are:

Or you can use:

123-REG Nameservers

The 123-reg nameservers are:

GoDaddy Nameservers

The Godaddy nameservers are:

Standard DNS nameservers:

Example of Premium DNS nameservers:

CashParking DNS nameservers:

Quick Content DNS nameservers:

FastHosts Nameservers

The FastHosts nameservers are:

How Long Before Updates To Nameservers Are Live

After updating your domain name nameservers you must allow a minimum of 4 to 8 hours, preferably 24 hours for internet service providers to access these changes. Some Internet service providers will not update for 24 to 48 hours so you must wait.

You can check if the domain name details have actually changed by visiting WHOIS websites.