Change your default password!

A Russian based website has been streaming webcams from all over the world which seems impossible you might think. Not impossible if you do not protect yourself by changing the default password when the device is sent out to you.

webcams left vulnerable because people don't change default passwords

The website showing the cameras is

Webcams are all shipped with a default username and password and the hosts of this website have been using this default user information to show the webcams without anyone being aware.

The webcams were in places such as children’s bedroom and shops with over 400 streaming from the UK alone which is a shocking and the message from Chameleon is “CHANGE YOUR DEFAULT USER DETAILS”.

The website has claimed that this was only done to show the problem and highlight a security flaw.

This problem is something that people need to take seriously and look at and this is not just with webcams but anything that we use online.

Below are some examples of these and to see that they are in fact live press F5 or refresh your browser and look again.

UK Examples:-

Newport Wales CCTV Camera London WebCam

Newbridge Wales, CCTV Camera Newbridge, Wales CCTV Image

USA Examples:-

South Carolina CCTV Images

North Carolina CCTV

Switzerland Examples:-

Bern, Switzerland CCTV Example

Zurich, Switzerland

Disclaimer – We do not have permission to show these examples and these are used a reference to this problem in order to ensure people take this seriously. We are not responsible for what is shown on the CCTV images.