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The Value Of Time

Have you ever thought about the effects of rushing a job?

In the Web Design and SEO World clients often want things done now! or Yesterday.

They never stop to take time to think that to be great you need time to achieve GREAT.

At Chameleon, we often get asked “How long will it take” for our web design and SEO tasks.

Clients come to us because of referrals, seeing other work we have completed or finding us top of Google but they often do not appreciate the time taken to achieve some of the amazing work we complete.

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Most searched political issue by constituency: last six months

UK Election – What’s Being Searched In Google

What’s being searched in Google in relation to the UK Election.

What's being searched in Google in relation to the UK Election.

Top UK Google’d Questions on the general election, last 7 days

  1. Who should I vote for?
  2. What is a hung parliament?
  3. Who won the debate?
  4. How to vote?
  5. Will Labour win?

Trending Google Search Queries

  1. election polls
  2. general election 2017
  3. election
  4. election polls 2017
  5. election 2017
  6. uk election

Conservative Party

Labour Party

Liberal Democrats

Scottish National Party

New Head Office

Chameleon has moved the Head Office in Birmingham from Cradley Heath to Halesowen on the very busy Dudley Road opposite Street Bike and ATS.

This new office is the central hub for all UK operations and is much larger with a sole occupancy allowing Chameleon to continue the growth and success going forward.

The new address is 202 Dudley Road, Birmingham, B63 3NR.

We are currently branding the building and once the building is finished we will be posting more information.

We have a large carpark at the rear of the building and visitor parking at the front:-

chameleon web services front signage

A big thank you to everyone who has helped get the building ready to move and special thanks to Sign Wizards of Cradley Heath who have been amazing.

Thank you to Times Electrical for helping solve so of the many electrical issues we found.

Also big thanks to Pure Office Solutions and Halesowen Windows for providing solutions for the office and building.