The End Of DMOZ as of Mar 17, 2017

Times they are a changing, constantly so in the world of technology. This is reflected in the closure of the last surviving human ran catalogue of the web. Running for nearly 2 decades, the closure of DMOZ the open content directory of the World Wide Web, undoubtedly hails the end of an era. DMOZ, an acronym of Directory Mozilla, was rolled out just under 19 years ago as a rival to the then dominant Yahoo! Directory. Yahoo! Directory began winding down back in October 2002 when it changed to crawler-based listings to provide its main results as opposed to continue being human edited. It officially closed in December 2014.

DMOZ Closed

DMOZ is owned by AOL but was put together and maintained by a community of roughly 100,000 volunteer editors. It was historically known as the Open Directory Project (ODP) and was born in June 1998. The people-reviewed web directory was multi lingual and categorized by language and subject matter. Each site was manually checked over by one of the editors regarding its suitability to be listed in one of the millions of categories. Understandably, the volume of work involved in manually maintaining this directory became a cumbersome and impossible task.

Unfortunately, the writing has been on the wall for the demise of DMOZ for some time now. It has declined in use for the searchers and marketers for a long period of time and was classed as a forgotten, unnecessary resource and was often described as archaic. The actual closure occurred 3 days later than initially announced, however, the DMOZ site does continue to operate, albeit it’s just a home page informing of its closure. There is also a link available to a copy of the final version of DMOZ before its actual closure.

As of now, going forward, machine-powered searches are the only search option available to us.

DMOZ History

When DMOZ started life it was actually on the domain and looked like this in 1999:-

Then in 2000 it moved across to the main domain it lived on for 19 years.


In 2006 the change visually with the addition of “In Partnership with AOL Search” was added to the header:-

dmoz in 2006

In 2015 DMOZ looked like:-

dmoz in 2015

Then the revamp of the look took place for DMOZ in 2016:-

dmoz in 2016

West Midlands Police Website SEO Inspection

With our SEO research to understand more about what Google is doing with algorithm changes we follow specific websites and monitor the changes of websites to understand the effects things are having.

Understanding what Google is doing and what Google needs is vital to Search Engine Optimisation and as one of leading providers of SEO in the UK we monitor and track many high profile websites in varied sectors.

West Midlands Police Website

West Midlands Police Website SEO Inspection

The website URL for the West Midlands Police is and this has a backlinking profile that attracts links on a regular basis hitting peaks of 3000 per day at times and this profile has been growing since March 2011.

West Midlands Police SEO Backlinks

The overall result of the backlink profile is giving a trust flow of 50 and a citation flow of 42. The trust flow is a score based on quality, on a scale between 0 and 100. Sites closely linked to a trusted seed website achieve higher scores and websites that may have some questionable links have a lower score.

The Citation Flow is a also a score between 0 and 100 and this is a measure of link equity or “power” the website or link carries. Citation flow is used in conjunction with “Trust Flow” to understand the cleanliness, quality and power of a websites profile.

This score for the West Midlands Police Website is generated from 54,359 backlinks in the last 90 days and in the last 5 years the website has attracted 202,270 backlinks.

West Midlands Police SEO

It is important to look at what domains are linking to the website and these are referenced as referring domains, which in Google’s view are passing votes to the content on the website. The higher the profile of websites linking to content the better the content must be and also it must be important so Google take this content vary seriously. A website with no backlink’s has no authority on the subject matter.

West Midlands Police SEO Top 10 Referring Domains

The Police are always attracting links from websites and as an example the company Handlestore Ltd with the domain URL links to the police on their Google Plus page when they discuss security improvements. This is used in an attempt to show they are helping visitors by linking to authority websites. This is not so important to Google due to the fact it will actually tell Google to check out other websites for better content.

Handle Store SEO

This Google plus profile is the same as blog post and the company is promoting their website products and then linking to their own website and also trusted URL’s such as the West Midlands Police in order to grow the SEO backlink profile. Google will not really care much about this however and unless this is adding value to visitors the Google plus page itself adds no real value at all to the ranking of the main website URL.

To take a look at the Handle Store website it is clear that this company spends money / time creating backlinks that are not adding value:-


handle store SEO power

To show an example of a backlink that adds no value, if anything a negative impact on the SEO profile:-

handle store SEO backlink

handle store seo

Google’s guidelines explain that they do not want to find paid for links and link farms. The reason for this is that it adds zero value to Internet users and makes Google’s job much larger. Websites that provide links in this manner are adding pollution to the Internet and add no value to a business owner or visitor.

This website has a TRUST problem and anyone with links on this website is more likely to have a decreased overall ranking position due to this for any keywords used.

The problem for this website is that the website itself has lots of poor quality linking to it.

This information here which has led us from the West Midlands Police Website to a furniture linking website shows how random the Internet is and what Google finds is often completely odd and random. It is for this reason that we have added this information in this article.

Looking back at the West Midlands Police backlinking profile there are 202 BBC backlinks:-

bbc SEO links

bbc seo links

bbc seo linking

The West Midlands Police website also has links from Government websites and as an example:-

Government seo links

All these links are picked up by Google and used to create a power profile which in return will provide an idea of trust. Due to the BBC and Government websites not selling links and being quality content with high profile websites linking to them also, these are some of the best links available on the Internet and this adds huge value to the West Midlands Police Website.

All these links are collated in Google’s database and the text used to link known as anchor text is then compiled to create a keyword profile:-

West Midlands Police Website Anchor Text

West Midlands Police Website Anchor Text

Looking at the profile there is a strange number link – 430539. so this stands out to be odd and on investigation we found:-



This is an un-trusted site and this is an example of a negative link pointing at the West Midlands Police website.

It is also important for Google to look at where the links are coming from in relation to location. The country the links are generated from pay an important part of SEO.


The website content is inspected by the Google robots and all the data from the website is retrieved and then added to the Google database for the domain URL

title tag

meta description

  • There are 618 words on this page
  • Of those 618 words 511 words are linked ones
  • Of 618 words 110 are not linked
  • Of 110 non linked words 43 words are either stop words or have less than 3 characters
Word Count
police 14
december 10
crime 10
latest 7
advice 7
information 7
appeal 7
abuse 6
midlands 5
contact 5
2 Word phrases Count
december 2016 10
back home 6
west midlands 5
midlands police 5
full story 5
read full 5
police appeal 4
latest news 4
here for 3
click here 3
3 Word phrases Count
read full story 5
west midlands police 5

css and javascript


Keyword Body Text Density Title Meta keywords Meta description Image alt Links
police 17 2.8% 1 4 1 4 21
crime 10 1.6% 0 2 1 1 9
december 10 1.6% 0 0 0 0 10
information 7 1.1% 0 0 0 1 8
appeal 7 1.1% 0 1 0 4 8
advice 7 1.1% 0 1 0 0 7
latest 7 1.1% 0 0 0 1 6
abuse 6 1% 0 0 0 1 7
story 6 1% 0 0 0 0 6
midlands 6 1% 1 1 1 2 9
collision 6 1% 0 0 0 3 7
contact 5 0.8% 0 0 0 0 6
football 4 0.6% 0 0 0 2 7
friday 4 0.6% 0 0 0 0 4
involved 4 0.6% 0 0 0 2 5
saturday 4 0.6% 0 0 0 0 4
click 4 0.6% 0 0 0 0 4
fatal 4 0.6% 0 0 0 2 4
search 4 0.6% 0 0 0 0 2
birmingham 3 0.5% 0 0 0 0 3

Google’s Robots grabs:-

West Midlands Police Top of Page Skip to main content Police appeal following fatal collision Read full story Appeal launched after discovering a shotgun was fired into a bus Read full story Police appeal after fatal road collision Read full story CCTV released of men suspected of being involved in football disorder Read full story Trio convicted of terrorism offences Read full story Accessibility options West Midlands Police Preventing crime protecting the public and helping those in need Menu Contact us Menu Home Your local police Back Home Birmingham East Birmingham West Coventry Dudley Sandwell Solihull Walsall Wolverhampton Latest news Back Home View news Our videos Birmingham No Deal Wanted Caught on Camera Media queries Keeping you safe Back About us Back Home Executive team Our structure Diamond awards Getting involved History of the force Police and Crime Commissioner Police auctions Funeral items Behind the badge Back Behind The Crime blog Buses Cannabis disposal team Dogs Firearms licensing Football policing Forensic Investigators Guns Helicopter Motorways Offender management Operational Support Unit Organised Crime Preparing for emergencies Property seizures Summer album Tackling terrorism Traffic blog Vehicles WMPeople Misconduct outcomes Misconduct hearings WMP2020 Advice centre Back Accessing information Back Home Accessing Your Personal Information Civil Disclosure Unit Data Protection Freedom of information Chief Officer entitlements Campaigns Back Home Pickpockets Sentinel Forced marriage Domestic abuse Crime reduction Back Alcohol and violence Business crime Gun crime Home security Knife crime Pickpockets Robbery Scams Shop Theft Students Vehicle security Help and advice Back Academic research Advice for victims Anti social behaviour ANPR Bikesafe course Child sexual abuse Children and young people Domestic abuse Fines and fixed penalty notices Hate crime Honour abuse Mental Health Modern slavery Organising an Event Overseas visitor registration Radicalisation Rape and sexual violence Reporting road traffic collisions Stalking and harassment Stop and search Vehicle recovery scheme Advice leaflets Website Information Join the force Back Home Current vacancies PC recruitment Transferees WMP Associates Contact us Search Latest news Police appeal following fatal collision Monday 26 December 2016 Appeal launched after discovering a shotgun was fired into a bus Saturday 24 December 2016 Police appeal after fatal road collision Saturday 24 December 2016 CCTV released of men suspected of being involved in football disorder Saturday 24 December 2016 Trio convicted of terrorism offences Friday 23 December 2016 Elderly woman robbed in her home after hour long ordeal Saturday 24 December 2016 Life savings stolen in distraction burglary Friday 23 December 2016 No festive joy for football louts after WMP secures banning orders Friday 23 December 2016 Family of murdered man Surjit Takhar re appeal for information eight years after his death Friday 23 December 2016 Family pay tribute to man killed in Coventry collision Thursday 22 December 2016 View all our latest news stories Don t mask the abuse control isn t love Click for more on our Christmas domestic abuse campaign Ask Arita Click here for our latest campaign Darker Nights Click here for our latest campaign Community Project Funding now available Click here for more information Got a ticket Get advice on fines payment and speed awareness courses here Been involved in a crash Get help and advice here Ask The Police Answers to questions we are often asked If it s not an emergency call us 101 If life is in danger or a crime is in progress 999 More ways to contact us Contact your local team by entering your postcode Caught on Camera Recognise anyone in these CCTV images Most Wanted Spot anyone you know View the latest tweets across all our twitter accounts Tweets from WMPolice west midlands police all accounts Follow WMPolice westmidlandspolice Go to our YouTube channel to see our videos West Midlands Police Home Your local police Keeping you safe Advice Centre Latest news Contact us RSS feeds Information FAQs Search Copyright West Midlands Police 2016

The Overall SEO Result

The result of the content and the backlinking profile Google finds will then allow content to be shown in the search results.

west midlands police website traffic

west midlands police website traffic keywords keyword ranking data spreadsheet.

The West Midlands Police Website ranks for keywords that Google decide are relevant and this is as an example:-

google search police jobs

In this example Google ranks the West Midlands Police Website number one in the search results. The content on the website is the most relevant to this search terms but due to the content structure the WM Jobs website is actually providing Google extra information in snippets and this is shown in today’s algorithm above the number one search result which is known as Google’s Quick Answer box.

wm jobs

This example shows how important SEO services are to a website. Even thou the West Midlands Police website is most relevant due to the content not being fully optimised and setup for the latest Google algorithm they actually loose traffic to the WM Jobs site.

To understand more about these pages we need to look at the data Google needs to find such as the title and meta description so that Google understands what the pages are about.

It is important to look at how How does Google Search works to understand more about what we need to provide Google in-order to rank well.

SEO Titles, Meta Description and Meta Keywords

West Midlands Police title = <title>Join the force &#8211; Latest jobs</title>
WM Jobs title = <title>Jobs with West Midlands Police</title>

Google uses however:-
West Midlands Police = Join the force – Latest jobs – West Midlands Police
WM Jobs = Jobs with West Midlands Police – WMJobs

You can see that Google is adding the site name to the title automatically.

Also in the top 3 of the Google search results is Indeed.

Coded = <title>Police Jobs, vacancies in West Midlands</title>
Google uses = Police Jobs, vacancies in West Midlands |

It is clear that Google uses data and is manipulating the data it finds.

Looking at the Descriptions & Keywords:-

West Midlands Police does not have any description or keywords. Instead the website includes data known as Open Graph Tags which are used by Facebook. OG data promotes integration between Facebook and websites by creating objects with the same functionality as other Facebook objects.

<!– Jetpack Open Graph Tags –>
<meta property=”og:type” content=”website” />
<meta property=”og:title” content=”Join the force” />
<meta property=”og:description” content=”Latest jobs” />
<meta property=”og:url” content=”” />
<meta property=”og:site_name” content=”Join the force” />
<meta property=”og:image” content=”” />
<meta property=”og:locale” content=”en_US” />
<meta name=”twitter:card” content=”summary” />

WM Jobs:-

<meta name=”description” content=”8 jobs with West Midlands Police to view and apply for now with WM Jobs”>

WM Jobs does not use meta keywords.


<meta name=”description” content=”396 Police Job vacancies available in West Midlands on one search. all jobs.”>
<meta name=”keywords” content=”Police Jobs, vacancies in West Midlands, West Midlands careers, West Midlands employment, West Midlands job listings, West Midlands job search, West Midlands search engine, work in West Midlands”>

It is important to note that Google doesn’t use Meta Keywords since around 2009 but these are still used by other search engines such as Bing.

USe of H1, H2 and H3 Headings

West Midlands Police:-

No H1 Headings

<h2>Current vacancies</h2>

<h3>Leave a Reply </h3>

<h3>Rewards &#038; Benefits</h3>

<h3>Latest Tweets</h3>

WM Jobs:-

<h1>West Midlands Police</h1>

<h2>About West Midlands Police</h2>

<h2>8 jobs with West Midlands Police</h2>

<h3>Business Analyst</h3>


<h1>Police jobs in West Midlands</h1>

<h2></h2> – Various used for Job titles

No H3 Headings

Using H1, H2 and H3 headings are so important for on page SEO as this tells Google what the content is about on the pages. The ordering of H1 should follow a natural path. The H1 heading is at the top of the page and then H2 to break up content and then H3 inside the H2 content where needed.

Google uses this data and the algorithm is clever enough to work out the content on the page with the use of H1, H2, H3, etc heading tags. The algorithm has also worked out that some websites mess up the ordering or try to manipulate the content and this should be avoided.

On page content

The content on the page is then grabbed and this should be reflected in the above Titles, Meta data and headings. If Google finds unique content it doesn’t really care how pretty the page looks it will now want to use this content within search results and the ranking positions within search results is now down to the quality of the content and the information that has been provided + whether or not Google trusts the content.

A highly skilled SEO consultant can look at differences between websites and understand what is required to be competitive on page one of Google search results looking at the current websites already there.

SEO Is Vital To Online Success?

free seo advice

English Google Webmaster Hangout on Air

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Google SEO Checker

If your competitors appear in Google and you find your website does not then the reason is quite simple. They have had Search Engine Optimisation known as SEO which is basic terms is checking to confirm a website delivers what Google needs to find in order to rank the website for chosen keywords. You can use website tools to check the SEO onpage optimisation to identify the basic problems and we have developed our own FREE Google SEO Checker.

FREE Google SEO Checker

A Google SEO Checker provided on a website for free will point you in the right direction to basic issues but you should be asking yourself “do i need an seo company” because the SEO subject is vast and you need a lot of paid tools to be able to carry out SEO efficiently and expert knowledge to get things right.

You also need to understand backlinks as these can be the best thing for your website or the damage that stops you ranking.

The Importance Of SEO Is Only Understood When You Understand How Google Works!

Now You Need To Understand The Importance Of Quality Backlinks For SEO?

Do You Need A Google SEO Checker or An SEO Company?

Hopefully if you have used our free Google SEO Checker for you website and then watched the videos from Google themselves you should be asking yourself “Do You Need A Google SEO Checker or An SEO Company?” and the answer is simple. If you have an online website that you want to rank on page one of Google organic search results then you need an SEO Consultant to look at your website and help you build success.

Pound Shops Online

Poundland SEO

Being an SEO company we often find ourselves looking at spreadsheets of data which mean nothing to most people then identifying how website’s have achieved rankings in Google.

Today we have been looking at the Pound Shops Online and what surprised us most is the traffic volumes that are achieved for specific brand keywords.

Poundland on the high street represents AMAZING VALUE for money and has grown into a high street essential. Poundland’s first store opened in Burton Upon Trent in 1990 and there are now over 400 stores in the UK. In 2014 the company was floated on the London Stock Exchange and in 2015 Poundland exceeded over £1 billion turnover making this definitely a company to take note of.

This popular brand name which started off life on the high street now gets 301,000 searches per month alone for its own brand name. Comparing that to keywords like “sweets” which gets 40,500 and “stationery” which gets 27,100 it makes us take note of the consumer driven brand traffic. Even “Christmas presents” only gets 18,100 per month and the Disney film Frozen gets around 18,100 which mean consumers are hungry for bargains and hitting Google search for hot deals.

The keyword “pound shop” gets 18,100 searches per month and this is one of the biggest competitors to Poundland directly. traffic

Looking in Google Trends we can see a steady growth which has really taken off in the last 4 years.

Poundland Interest Over Time

Poundland Regional Interest

Related Topics & Searches

This investigation clearly shows a huge growth online for the brand and it’s no wonder others are producing similar ideas as the concept becomes heavily profitable.

My Supermarket –

In our research we looked in-depth at which has an amazing organic profile with 35.9 thousand keywords being ranked in Google. Looking at the keywords achieved for this domain it is very clear that SEO techniques work well.

Below is a list of keywords achieved with more than 10,000 searches per month.


Keyword Position Search Volume CPC
asda 8 6120000 £0.49
compare the market 13 1220000 £0.97
tesco groceries 5 368000 £0.33
tesco groceries 12 368000 £0.33
asda groceries 5 246000 £0.21
asda groceries 6 246000 £0.21
mysupermarket 1 201000 £1.74
asda price guarantee 9 165000 £3.93
tassimo 11 90500 £0.36
tesco online 14 90500 £0.49
my supermarket 1 74000 £3.52
asda online 2 60500 £0.31
tesco uk 2 60500 £0.40
lidl offers 18 60500 £0.09
tassimo pods 3 49500 £0.49
morrisons offers 4 49500 £0.40
aldi offers 5 49500 £0.10 14 49500 £0.72
tesco wine 12 49500 £0.27
tesco online shopping 7 40500 £0.92
sainsburys groceries 8 40500 £0.60
morrisons online 18 40500 £1.42
ferrero rocher 6 40500 £0.36
jack daniels 3 40500 £0.78
asda photo 15 40500 £2.29
jagermeister 9 40500 £0.63
slim fast 8 33100 £0.62
asda online shopping 6 33100 £0.54
asda toys 16 33100 £0.45 8 33100 £1.19
asda price 6 33100 £1.39
asda price 7 33100 £1.39
asda price 5 33100 £1.39
electric toothbrush 18 33100 £1.08
pancake mix 18 27100 £1.10
asda price check 6 27100 £3.10
asda price check 7 27100 £3.10
asda price check 4 27100 £3.10
asda price check 5 27100 £3.10
tesco toys 16 27100 £0.20
aldi uk 10 27100 £0.24
asda uk 2 27100 £0.62
supermarket 1 27100 £3.57
asdas 8 22200 £0.38
asdas 9 22200 £0.38
tesco shopping 5 22200 £1.31
grey goose 5 22200 £0.36
adsa 7 22200 £0.42
tesco offers 3 22200 £2.59
asda travel 11 22200 £1.27
baileys 4 22200 £0.71
pampers 6 22200 £0.95
tesco grocery 11 22200 £0.33
voss water 9 18100 £0.17
voss water 8 18100 £0.17
tahini 9 18100 £0.56
oral b electric toothbrush 15 18100 £0.73
weetabix 6 18100 £0.15
asda birthday cakes 4 18100 £0.08
asda birthday cakes 5 18100 £0.08
supermarket comparison 1 18100 £0.99
veuve clicquot 15 18100 £0.75
waitrose flowers 14 18100 £0.45
passata 8 18100 £0.61
passata 9 18100 £0.61
berocca 9 18100 £0.53
aptamil 8 18100 £1.90
haribo 19 18100 £0.34
pg tips 14 18100 £0.48
rice pudding 19 18100 £0.77
dorset cereals 6 18100 £0.74
southern comfort 3 18100 £0.76
asda shopping 6 18100 £0.30
price comparison 2 18100 £1.59
bacardi 4 14800 £0.71
cashback 17 14800 £1.06
glenfiddich 7 14800 £0.60
disposable camera 19 14800 £0.24
compare supermarket 1 14800 £2.40
pizza express offers 13 14800 £0.21
waitrose online 2 14800 £2.92
vegetables 13 14800 £1.49
lidle 16 14800 £0.16
nakd bars 16 14800 £0.70
maltesers 8 14800 £0.30
maltesers 7 14800 £0.30
sainsburys online 8 14800 £0.68
tesco flowers 17 14800 £0.55
sudafed 20 14800 £0.40
amaretto 6 14800 £0.81
kitchen towels 11 14800 £1.02
tesco online groceries 5 14800 £0.32
tesco online groceries 6 14800 £0.32
ben and jerry s 6 14800 £0.44 8 14800 £7.53
bargain pages 12 14800 £0.34
toblerone 6 14800 £0.20
gripe water 18 14800 £0.53
sainsbury online 15 14800 £1.29 8 12100 £1.03 7 12100 £1.03 6 12100 £1.03
tescos groceries 4 12100 £0.50
aveeno 9 12100 £0.30
reveal magazine 8 12100 £0.00
waitrose wine 20 12100 £0.22
asda cakes 3 12100 £0.12
morrisons online shopping 16 12100 £2.15 15 12100 £0.56
bombay sapphire 4 12100 £0.66
aldi special offers 10 12100 £0.23
rye bread 13 12100 £0.37
rye bread 14 12100 £0.37
tesco birthday cakes 3 12100 £0.43
tesco birthday cakes 4 12100 £0.43
asda bedding 11 12100 £0.59
smirnoff 4 12100 £0.98
walkers crisps 8 12100 £0.16
cetirizine hydrochloride 19 12100 £1.34
cow and gate 10 12100 £0.97
lindt chocolate 3 12100 £0.42
glenmorangie 10 12100 £0.61
tesco pharmacy 7 12100 £0.80
asda flowers 8 12100 £1.57
cigarettes 4 12100 £0.42
voltarol 15 12100 £0.45
tesco wine offers 11 12100 £0.16
stella artois 3 12100 £1.47
oral b 16 12100 £0.44

Using Majestic SEO we can compare domains to identify the SEO activity.
ExtBackLinks 142704 4743 811
RefDomains 4431 204 92
RefIPs 3146 132 80
RefSubNets 2606 121 79
ExtBackLinksEDU 395 0 0
ExtBackLinksGOV 47 22 0
RefDomainsEDU 25 0 0
RefDomainsGOV 15 4 0
CitationFlow 46 29 43
TrustFlow 34 25 17

The power differences can clearly be seen here showing SEO efforts in terms of backlink profiles. Another competitor which is following this platform is the 99p Stores.

99P Stores

Looking at the keywords for larger volumes that the 99p stores website achieves you can see Pound Land and Pound Shop appearing:-

Keyword Position Search Volume CPC
99p store 1 40500 £0.07
pound shop 11 18100 £0.24
99p stores 1 5400 £0.08
pound shop online 12 3600 £0.19
99p shop 1 2900 £0.09
99p 1 2400 £0.07
99p store jobs 1 2400 £0.35
online pound shop 13 2400 £0.19
pound shop uk 5 1600 £0.20
pound store 6 1600 £0.24
pound store 7 1600 £0.24
poundland store locator 8 1600 £17.46
the pound shop 8 1600 £0.18
99p store opening times 1 1300 £0.00
99p store opening times 2 1300 £0.00
one pound shop 6 1300 £0.37
pound shops 6 1000 £0.26
precision screwdriver set 14 1000 £0.72
pound shops online 10 880 £0.23

An interesting fact to look at here is the cost per click for Google Adwords for the keyword “poundland store locator” which is a steep £17.46. When you Google this keyword you can see the result of SEO work to achieve ranking on page one:-


poundland store locatorTo understand where these bargain companies fit into overall shopping U.K companies online we are using Alexa ratings information. Alexa gives competitive intelligence and strategic insights providing us with a benchmark in terms of traffic.

Company UK Rank Global Rank 32 1076 78 2819 119 4659 380 11046 409 14990 420 13155 481 17892 1556 52354 1817 69068 6617 139280 16480 391000

If you have never come across Alexa data before the lower the number the better, i.e. Tesco is the 32nd best website in terms of traffic in the UK and the Adsa is the 78th. Poundland achieves 1817th in terms of traffic which is very good when you compare this to the other 99p stores.

SEO Data

We have continued to investigate the websites looking at the backlink breakdown of follow and no follow links. We have compared the anchor text of the sites and where the links are coming from looking at all the referring domains. for example has links from Wikipedia and the BBC passing power and the most used anchor text keyword is “poundland” with 663 referring domains and 5,286 links in total.

New Backlinks


Lost Backlinks


We compare the profiles of the websites that link to the Poundland website in order to see how relevant the links are. For example, looking at the website’s that fall under the topic of “shopping” there are 144 external backlinks coming from 136 referring domains.

The SEO profile of the Poundland website is very good in terms of search engine optimisation. We found areas that they lack in but as with everything there is always room for improvement and with SEO it is actually one companies opinion over another and no one can be 100% correct. We have been working in the SEO industry for nearly 10 years and with our knowledge and testing we trust what we find and live by it for ourselves and our clients.

We have not published actual SEO information on this article as it would be wrong to share it in the public domain however further information is available on request.