SEO Search Terms

SEO keywords should be the most competitive keywords to achieve when carrying out search engine optimisation. Here is a list of keywords related to SEO showing search volumes:-

Keyword Volume Results SERP Features
seo 33100 771000000 Knowledge Panel, Top Stories, Reviews, Featured Snippet
brighton seo 3600 10200000 Top Stories, Images, Site Links, Reviews, Tweet
majestic seo 3600 7180000 Top Stories, Site Links, Reviews, Video
seo agency london 3600 18100000 Local Pack, Reviews
seo services 3600 597000000 Knowledge Panel, Local Pack, Reviews, Featured Snippet
what is seo 3600 760000000 Instant Answer, Knowledge Panel, Top Stories, Reviews
seo agency 2900 204000000 Local Pack, Reviews
seo checker 2900 15100000 Top Stories, Reviews
seo company 2900 506000000 Local Pack, Reviews
seo london 2900 88300000 Local Pack, Top Stories, Images, Site Links, Reviews
seo services london 2900 47400000 Local Pack, Reviews
seo meaning 2400 78500000 Instant Answer, Knowledge Panel, Top Stories, Reviews
seo tools 2400 266000000 Top Stories, Reviews, Featured Snippet
seo in guk 1900 5910000 Knowledge Panel, Top Stories, Reviews
seo kang joon 1900 10900000 Knowledge Panel, Top Stories, Reviews, Video
seo manchester 1900 23100000 Local Pack, Reviews
yoast seo 1900 8940000 Top Stories, Reviews
google seo 1600 784000000 Top Stories, Reviews
seo consultant 1600 75600000 Reviews
seo definition 1600 252000000 Instant Answer, Knowledge Panel, Reviews
seo analysis 1300 0
seo audit 1300 41700000 Top Stories, Reviews
seo birmingham 1300 11500000 Local Pack, Reviews
seo company london 1300 44800000 Local Pack, Reviews, Featured Snippet
seo hero 1300 54500000 Top Stories, Images, Reviews
seo uk 1300 154000000 Reviews
seo agency uk 1000 38600000 Reviews, Featured Snippet
seo analyzer 1000 12800000 Top Stories, Reviews
seo company uk 1000 87300000 Reviews, Featured Snippet
seo consultant london 1000 10400000 Local Pack, Reviews
seo course 1000 135000000 Reviews
seo expert 1000 97900000 Local Pack, Top Stories, Images, Reviews
seo liverpool 1000 14900000 Local Pack, Top Stories, Images, Reviews
seo marketing 1000 477000000 Knowledge Panel, Local Pack, Reviews, Featured Snippet
seo news 1000 516000000 Top Stories
seo report 1000 261000000 Top Stories, Reviews
seo website 1000 752000000 Reviews
wordpress seo 1000 229000000 Top Stories, Reviews
local seo 880 297000000 Local Pack, Top Stories, Reviews
london seo 880 89100000 Local Pack, Reviews
seo bristol 880 9180000 Local Pack, Reviews
seo glasgow 880 8320000 Local Pack, Top Stories, Images, Reviews
seo leeds 880 7780000 Local Pack, Reviews
seo michael kodi 880 569000 Top Stories, Site Links, Video
seo specialist 880 66900000 Top Stories
free seo audit 720 21100000 Top Stories, Reviews
free seo tools 720 210000000 Top Stories, Reviews
seo blog 720 581000000
seo cardiff 720 5870000 Local Pack, Top Stories, Images, Reviews
seo keywords 720 154000000 Top Stories, Reviews, Featured Snippet
seo packages 720 57400000 Images, Reviews
seo services uk 720 102000000 Reviews, Featured Snippet
seo test 720 272000000 Top Stories, Reviews
seo training 720 188000000 Local Pack, Top Stories, Reviews
website seo checker 720 8130000 Reviews, Video
what does seo stand for 720 45600000 Instant Answer, Top Stories, Reviews
free seo checker 590 9240000 Reviews
london seo consultant 590 0
seo check 590 309000000 Reviews
seo essex 590 6000000 Knowledge Panel, Top Stories, Reviews
seo expert london 590 20200000 Local Pack, Top Stories, Reviews
seo freelancer 590 21600000 Top Stories, Reviews, Video


SEO (search engine optimisation) is the process of improving a website to make it easier to understand when search engine spiders crawl the site. If the search engine can understand the content it will be included in the SERP results.


How Much Does SEO Cost?

With the SEO industry being difficult to understand for business owners we thought we would help by writing this blog post about “How Much Does SEO Cost?“.

How Much Is SEO Per Month?

SEO ConsultantWith every SEO campaign, we work on we will face different obstacles and different competitors. This is important to understand at the start of the SEO journey. If we are working on local SEO for a relatively uncompetitive industry sector it should be easy to achieve rankings with a decent website built on a good platform providing the content is unique and well written. So in this instance, SEO per month may be relatively low cost covering basic hours of labour and resources.

When you then look at national or a global SEO campaign in a highly competitive sector, this will require a huge amount of work to achieve success and as a result this SEO campaign will require much more labour to achieve the SEO goal.

Due to this we would recommend steering clear of SEO companies who can price an SEO campaign for you instantly as this suggests they do not understand the tasks ahead of them. Also it is important to note that every website has a different past and if a website has been worked on by a less than decent SEO company you may find when you carry out a health check that the website backlink profile is a mess and require a lot of work to fix things before you can start moving a website forwards in the search engines.

It might be the case that the website domain name is also brand new with no historical past, so why would Google trust this website. New domains need more external work than historical domains so as a result of this we would question any SEO company able to price a campaign without researching into the domain historical past.

The cost of SEO will vary as a result of the research and also the country in which the work is being carried out. In the UK you need to spend on average for a decent SEO Consultant £35.00 to £110.00 per hour, so if you work on this factor you can see that a company quoting £50 per month simply isn’t going to be doing the job.

It is also important to note that the cost of the software used by SEO consultants is often paid for a monthly basis and the more the tools are used the more they cost. Without the core SEO tools it is difficult to carry out SEO services and this means the majority of SEO companies will be using the core software available and spending over £1,000 per month as a minimum.

Semrush SEO Costs

Ahrefs SEO Costs

Majestic SEO Costs


If we then look at SEO products offered by companies like GoDaddy we wonder what exactly is being purchased here. This might be great and achieving results and we wish clients using the service success.

GoDaddy SEO services

So officially you need to look at the spend on SEO per month and think does this give an SEO consultant enough time to achieve your success which leads us to the question…

How Much Should I Spend On SEO Per Month?

The question of how much you should spend on SEO per month should be looked at in terms of the value it can add to your business. For example, if you sell products or services that cost £10,000 with a £2,000 markup then being number one in Google could bring sales that if you sold only five products or services in one month you will have £10,000 profit per month and this could be as a result of this spending £1,000 per month on SEO to achieve this, which would be a great ROI.

Another example, if you are a CCTV company paying £1,000 per month for SEO and you get 10 to 30 leads per month from commercial clients looking at spending £5,000 to £80,000 on CCTV and security with on-going maintenance and support then the £1,000 per month SEO would be a good investment and grow the business each month with new clients.

CCTV SEO Keywords

If you then factor in that you could be using Google Adwords and using just one keyword “CCTV systems” which Google suggests achieves 18,100 searches per month in the UK, you would need to spend a minimum of $1.14 per click, if you do the maths you need a huge budget per day to achieve 24 hour a day adverts to be shown.

Organic SEO would be showing 24 hours a day 7 days a week with no budget constraints and also there is a large majority of Internet users who simply do not click on Google Adwords and will bypass the ads looking for Google Maps listing to find local companies or the top organic search results to find what it is they are looking for.

It is clear that the value of SEO is huge to any business, so the question should be “Are we spending enough on SEO” not “how much should I spend on SEO per month”…

Do people in marketing positions understand Google Adwords

Do people in marketing positions understand Google Adwords with SEO companies paying to be in search results will marketing managers actually click and use the companies advertising.

If the SEO Companies were able to achieve SEO results for the product they are advertising they would be in the organic listings themselves surely?

Do people in marketing positions understand #GoogleAdwords

Birmingham SEO Company Specialist

what is seo

What Is SEO ?

In the dictionary SEO which is short for search engine optimization or search engine optimisation suggests “the process of maximizing the number of visitors to a particular website by ensuring that the site appears high on the list of results returned by a search engine.”

What Is SEO – Answered

SEO is making changes to a website in order to help search engines like Google understand the content on the website pages which will result in getting more visiting traffic to the website.

SEO Made Clearer

If we try to understand the importance of SEO we can use images as a simple way to explain this. Matt Cutts from Google discusses the alt attribute which is used by SEO companies to help Google understand images.

In this example, the SEO process explains how helped the search engine understand the images on the page will really help.

SEO Changes

Google makes improvements to its search algorithm very frequently and this means a good SEO Company like Chameleon will be monitoring the changes and understand what Google is now looking for. There are 70% of the basics of SEO that do not change. But areas of SEO will need to be improved or changed to keep a website up to date with the latest Google algorithm.

What Is SEO ?

So to answer the question What Is SEO ? it is a simple question to answer when you understand the why. An SEO Company takes will understand what a business does, the services they provide, the products they sell and then understand the keywords searched and the search volumes. Then check if the client’s website appears in Google today for these keywords.
If the client’s website can be shown to people using search engines to find the services and products that client offers then this can result is a sales lead or enquiry which should result in a return on investment.

The SEO company or agency will then make changes to the website to ensure Google understands the content and as a result, the website will appear in the search results.

An SEO Company will be needed to make many of the changes to ensure top positions in search results, but remember only one company can be number 1 in a search result organically which makes finding the best SEO agency that has a proven track record due to the fact that SEO results change and one SEO company might be doing things right today but what about the coming Google algorithm changes?

If you need your website to be in Google today, you can use Google Adwords to rank within search results, paying to appear for chosen keywords.

How To Get Top Of Google