Budweiser Bottle 360 Spin

This a sample 360 spin we did to show a client how fast we can produce a 360 transparent background product rotation. The client a Bluechip company pays heavily for high-end photography and understands the need for high-end images.

This sample took 36 photographs and at the same time the computer software controlled the camera setting, controlled the rotation of the turntable and removed the background automatically with no human intervention. Then creates the 360 rotation in a web-ready size converting the images from 6000 x 4000 pixels to 800 x 533 pixels (or whatever is desired) to allow speedy loading.

The only thing we did was a through a watermark on it, which was also automated.

This 360 spin of the Budweiser bottle took in total 3 minutes to complete and the client was overly impressed.

We could spend time tweaking the settings for this specific bottle to enhance this but this demonstration was to show the client the speed.

The client thinks this is going to save them thousands of man hours which means a huge saving in overhead costs and we are looking forward to working with them in the new year.

eCommerce Photography Studio

In Birmingham, the best eCommerce photography studio‌‌ hosts automated photography equipment which takes the headache and time away from the task.

It is possible to achieve instant amazing results and this equipment is now used by leading brand names.

eCommerce Photography Studio Examples

eCommerce Photography Studio Ring Door Bell 2 With Chime

eCommerce Photography Studio Trainer 360 Spin Product Photography

eCommerce Photography Studio Rolex Product Photography

eCommerce Photography Studio Rolex Product Photography

eCommerce Photography Studio Helmet

eCommerce Photography Studio In Operation

product photography example shoot

product photography setup birmingham

Here at Chameleon Web Services we have been working with the Internet since 2001 and we understand that images make the difference online. Your shop window is a computer or phone screen and this means the images need to look professional and provide confidence. It is for this reason that Chameleon invested heavily into an eCommerce Photography Studio to help provide the best for our clients.

The end result is that we have saved clients money on photography and increased sales as result.