Inspire Action With Your Business Leadership

For a business to grow it needs a great leader and Simon Sinek the well-known leadership consultant, author and motivational speaker explains a very thought provoking Ted Talk. This is the third most watched TED talks of all time with over 30 million views and it is easy to understand why.

Simon Sinek believes that leaders who truly believe in their business and what they are doing will truly inspire people around them and all this starts with WHY.

He uses the concept based on what he calls the golden circle: how knowing why we do what we do, can be the reason some leaders excel and others leaders fail.

So understanding the goal is vital and this is why Chameleon Web Services has been so successful. Ian Bevis the entrepreneur and Director has always had the vision to do things differently because sometimes following others isn’t the way forward and when the goal seems difficult it will have the greater reward.

Google Office in Zurick Ian Bevis

His goal back in 2001 was to create a company that added value to businesses, providing the best services at affordable prices not focussing on the profits of the company as the number one priority but focusing on the future and longterm relationships. It is due to this and his ability to learn and identify the path that technology is moving towards that has given Chameleon the ability to adapt and change being innovative in a digital world.

The company name Chameleon is ideal for the company and watching this video it identifies the core beliefs that Ian Bevis has driven into the staff and the this is why Chameleon has a 95% conversion rate for winning new clients. It is because everyone understands the why, the how and the what. New clients understand and trust Chameleon because we are different and every new client will explain to us as the relationships become stronger how the previous companies they had worked with were so different and they are so happy to have found us. Every client recommends us to others and we have clients that have worked with is since 2001 still with us today.

In an initial meeting new potential customers understand why Chameleon is the best at what we do and feel confident we can achieve what we say, they then understand how we will achieve their goals and then they understand what they are expected to achieve and with everything being 100% transparent as we have nothing to hide. Most new customers feel educated after starting to work with us and this is something that inspires us further.

Chameleon Web Services Has Great Staff

Simon explains that “The goal is to not hire people who need a job but to hire people that believe in what you believe, they will work with you to achieve your company goals.” and this is something that has been followed here at Chameleon and every member of staff that has joined the company feels that they are part of the family all pulling together to help and achieve more.

As a business we have 99.9% attendance, sickness has never been an issue ever and the happy environment created to work in with the open leadership is all part of the company success. The Chameleon staff work hard to achieve client goals and to often overachieve with greatness and this motivates staff further and these actions are not pay-cheque driven, they are the result of feeling empowered within a great company.

The company director Ian Bevis believes in the staff and because of this they grow in confidence and continue to grow in experience and further success. Being proud of staff is also important as this echoes in the conversation’s in and out of work which grows the brand further and trust. All this positive energy helps inspire greater things within Chameleon and as the company moves further forwards dominating more and more areas of the Internet and Digital World, the more staff are required to join the already successful well-gelled teams. These new members will be selected to join the teams as part of a collaboration decision with the staff members following the applicants completing a day in the office rather than the normal interview process which empowers the staff further.

Simon explains that there are leaders and those who lead. A leader is inspiring and this is something that is in the core of Ian’s heart to always take time to understand the WHY and how to achieve the best from everything that we do.

Our Director Ian had worked his way through BMW’s different business areas from Engineering to IT over a 15 year period and BMW was excellent innovative company which helped inspire him. On this journey at BMW, he was working for various people with different levels of education and with each step he took something new from the experience. On leaving BMW and setting up Chameleon to make his own path he wanted to be a great leader, creating trust, taking responsibility for everything we do. The result is a company with staff that do not have fear, a company that works for one core goal and another of Simon Sinek TED talk touches on this style of management.

In this TED talks Simon explains “Leadership is a choice! – not a rank!” and he also explains that a true leader will “look after the person to the left of them and the right of them”.

Why do the Chameleon staff work so hard – because they know Ian will always put them first and support them which results in a great company with staff that are driven by motivational power and client success, they feel more inspired at work, and in turn inspire their colleagues and our customers.

Birmingham SEO Company

Maribel Restaurant Birmingham

Trampoline Park Near Me

With the growing trend of trampoline parks appearing locally to everyone, the Trampoline keywords hit our radar for monitoring and from SemRush we can see:-

KeywordSearch VolumeKeyword Difficulty Index
trampoline park7400057.76
trampoline park near me2710050.82
trampoline park london810058.87
rush birmingham660078.17
total wipeout660074.65
indoor trampoline540066.27
trampoline park birmingham440063.38
trampolining london360062.17
trampoline park manchester290054.87

We notice that Rush in Birmingham has already got 6600 unique search queries a month and they are relatively new so we took a look at the website to understand if they are maximising the online efforts to achieve this growth using SEO to push and promote.

trampoline rush birmingham

The website on-page SEO looks good with the meta data:-

<title>Trampoline Park – Birmingham Trampolining – Rush UK</title>

<meta name=”descriptioncontent=”Discover Birmingham’s latest trampoline park. Ideal for children parties and trampoline activities. Visit our website and make a booking today!“/>

The page has H1 heading:-

<h1>Welcome To Rush Birmingham</h1>

So this is pretty good but missing the word Trampoline or Trampoline Park.

The H2 Headings, 4 in total:-

<h2>Ready to rush?</h2>

<h2>Upcoming Events</h2>



This doesnt have any mention of Trampoline which if possible would be advisable.

And then the H3 Headings:-

<h3>After School Meal Deal</h3>

<h3>Weekly Autism and SEN Session</h3>

<h3>The Main Court</h3>

<h3>Extreme Dodgeball Courts</h3>


<h3>Holiday Camps</h3>

<h3>Schools, University and Youth Groups</h3>

<h3>Corporate Team Building</h3>

<h3>Rush Birmingham 360 Tour</h3>

Again if no H2 reference to Trampoline it would be advisable to have a H3 reference.

Note: There is a 360 tour which is outdated and not embedded on the website which would be better to keep the visitors on the site:-

We would recommend a refresh of this for 2018 and this is service we provide for Google Maps. This will help with conversions, and if your business hasnt got a tour you should consider having one.

Trampoline Park Near Me

So with this new activity growing across the UK and looking at the website Rush with a quick on-page SEO check of the core basics.

The web hosting is on a shared platform which we would recommend this site being on a unique IP. The site is slow and this will be a contributing factor:-

trampoline rush hosting

The domain name has been registered until 17/01/2026 which is good as Google knows this is a serious business in this for the long game.

Using our own in-house software our checks showed for Rush:-

Google United Kingdom (Birmingham, UK)
KeywordRanking URLSearch Vol.07-Mar
OrganicMap Pos
trampoline park
trampoline park near me

Which means this is working for them well already.

So from an SEO consultants point of view – what should Rush do next?

They need to identify the keywords not performing and make a plan to achieve these keywords and also maintain the current ranking keywords in the top 3 positions of Google.

Monitor the current traffic to the site and look for areas of improvement. For example, a page with a high bounce rate needs the content checking.

Check the visitors can find the information they need quickly with as little amount of clicks as possible.

Look at Google Home voice search also. Check and fix any snippet data required to help Google voice search work well.

trampoline rush

We have ran a complete audit on the website and the results show that Rush are doing a lot right for Google:-


If you want a report for your website please get in touch with us. Also, how did you end up on our webpage reading this? – The power of the Internet has lead you to our website and we can make your business website take full advantage of the Internet and Google Search.

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