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We have been talking with clients last week in Birmingham providing quotes to repair and fix ranking problems of websites who were ranking for local Birmingham based terms.

There is a pattern in what we are seeing and it seems that SEO Services in Birmingham been provided by a competition is helping us to lead the way. Each SEO company will have its own method and way of presenting a website to Google and these varying methods can be in-line with Google guidelines or trying to cheat the system. There is in our view only one way to achieve ranking success for our clients and that is hard work.

Our Birmingham based clients have not seen any problems and the information that we have been provided when carrying out research has identified a few problems that may have worked in the past but simply not now. In our view SEO companies that have been carrying out SEO for a number of years and are still using the same methods they used in 2011 / 2012  today in 2014 without changing with the latest algorithm updates that Google has rolled out then they have some steep learning and should start now.

Some of the research we have carried out has shown some shocking things being carried out even in the last few months and realistically the effects on the websites we have investigated have not been fully implemented by Google and we expect even further problems.

If you are a company in Birmingham looking for local search terms and have any concerns please get in touch for us to investigate the problems and find a solution before its too late.

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Search Engine Optimisation Birmingham

If you have a business based in Birmingham and you are looking for a provider of Search Engine Optimisation services then you have a large selection of companies to contact.

So what makes a good company for Search Engine Optimisation in Birmingham?

Looking at the online Google presence for keywords is the first starting point. Any SEO company can pay for Google Adwords but only the companies with SEO talent can achieve Google Page One rankings.

Another thing to consider is the company itself:-

How long have they been in business?
Have they been de-listed from Google ever?
Is the work in-house or out sourced?
Who actually has access to the website login details?

We have been in business since 2001 and have ranked highly in Google for the most competitive search terms including terms like “google page one”:-
Google Page One

We recommend look at search results for Birmingham SEO companies and seeing who you find frequently and consider that they have the knowledge.

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There are many companies in Birmingham offering SEO services but who can offer you the best range of online marketing services at the most affordable prices with a proven track record?

Look no further than Chameleon Web Services for Birmingham SEO Internet marketing services.

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SEO Birmingham

There are many companies in Birmingham offering SEO and Chameleon is one of the leading online marketing specialists in this area.

Chameleon has been delivering results for clients since 2001 and has one of the best customer retentions in the SEO industry.

Chameleon is your SEO Birmingham first choice, to find out more get in touch.