Search Engine Optimisation is the process of presenting your website to a search engine in a manner that will allow the search engine to easily read it and take away from it all the relevant keywords you want to rank for. A Search Engine Optimisation company will look at the searched terms and decide what keyword terms are going to bring the best customers.


An SEO Company will then follow specific criteria that the search engine requires and make the website appear attractive to the search engine for these terms. The rankings of website will then increase and with it traffic from customers and sales. A good SEO company will target not just the high traffic keywords but also the keywords that will convert and be able to ensure the website will convert for these keywords at the same time.

To explain this we can use the term “UK Based SEO Company” which is a great keyword an SEO Company based in the UK. A lot of companys are fed up of working with overseas business’s and want a local UK based company to work with so being top of Google for this keyword would bring lots of leads.

To be top of Google on page one for this term requires a lot of effort and careful calculation and this is where an SEO company will excel. But the problem is that this keyword is a fight against other SEO companies and SEO companies have the most powerful website online normally or atleast they should have.

If you search in Google for the keyword you will find Chameleon someone where on page one 🙂 which shows that we must understand are job!

If you require SEO you should consider many factors yourself before contacting an SEO Company. Think about keywords that the customer base will use and see who is currently in high ranking Google positions for these keyword terms. Then search for an SEO company and have a chat about the SEO project and let the SEO team come up with keywords and check what these keywords are like. Often SEO companies will go for easy keywords that can be achieved easily. But this is not in your favour it is to benefit the SEO company.

Something to consider thou is that some keywords are not possible until your site grows and it is only then that you can achieve high rankings for these keywords. Your website domain age pays a part in this so if you have an idea get the domain name from a company like Heart Internet and get a holding page up with the keywords on for Google to start taking data.

The SEO world can be a hard to trust industry as many people are operating SEO compaines without any knowledge and this gives the good SEO companies a bad name. Some of the larger SEO companies outsource the search engine optimisation services abroad and this removes the UK element even if they SEO company is based in the UK.

Chameleon is a Birmingham based company working with clients across the UK including London and if you search in Google “Birmingham SEO Company” you would hope to find Chameleon on page one of Google. Why not take a look and see if you can find Chameleon Web Services.

We are a growing business which invested a large amount of money into SEO back in 2008 / 2009 and now in 2011 we have many things in place now setting us up for 2012. We plan ahead and this is why as a small company we are able to deliver success over the large SEO firms. Chameleon’s saying “Big Enough to Cope, Yet Small Enough to Care!” takes us along way. The positive feedback we receive if mainly due to us being smaller than the large SEO company’s and this means we get personal and all our work is taken on seriously and with pride.

Chameleon is one of the best SEO companies in the UK and this mostly down to success in most business sectors with top 3 positions for our clients. We also do not give unrealistic statements saying that we can get you top of Google for any keyword as we can’t. No one can guarantee this at all. If a company offering SEO services does state this check out what they are top of Google for!

SEO Company

SEO Company Success

SEO Helping Birmingham and London Companys Grow

As it seems that we are climbing out if the recession Birmingham and London based companies and thriving in online sales thanks to SEO from companies like Chameleon.

Being on page one of Google for products and services today is important and the companies that continued to invest in SEO during the last few years will be getting the benefit as spending starts to grow.

Birmingham companys like for example Barltey Glass and Windows have this week seen an increase in demand for their glass services. This is due to Chameleon achieving page 1 positions in Google search terms relating to Glass products.

Companies like Ripley Flowers and Woodworm Hockey have also seen an increase in online sales thanks to the hard work that Chameleon have put in to the SEO and flower sales for Ripley are on the increase globally.

If you are not working with an SEO company then you should contact one today as your business is being left behind. The competition are likely to be carrying out SEO projects and this is something that you should act on today so your business needs to grow.

Birmingham Based SEO

Birminghams small companies have been hit hard by the recession and the costs of advertising to try and get out of trouble is sometimes to much.

This is when you need a little Chameleon help. Chameleon have been helping small Bimingham based business‘s by improving search engine ranking positions moving their websites on the first page of Google. This is known as SEO or Search Engine Optimisation and is more important than the website itself. What is the point in having a wonderful looking website if no one can see it.

Chameleon not only get your website onto page one of Google but we also help fix any problems with the site along the way. We have many Birmingham based clients who have made it clear that without our help they would have gone under.

Do you require assistance, if so contact Chameleon TODAY!

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Search Engine Optimisation


The costs of SEO are noramally more than a website and most people never who own a website never understand why SEO costs so much. To have a true understanding as to why the cost of SEO is so much you need to be involved in carrying the reports and analysis and the man hours involved.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation is not something that can be done over night. But is something that is carried out over months to achieve true success. Search Engine Optimisation is also an ongoing task. Your competitors are also trying to obtain top positions in Google and this means you have try harder or smarter.

Chameleon SEO Campaign

Chameleon have many clients who have recieved great success from using a Chameleon SEO Campign. The benefits are long term and this is something all future clients must be aware of. A Chameleon SEO Campaign is going to benefit any website, the older he site the more we can do.


We get so many emails asking for us to link to other sites for a returning link. Take care when considering this as the wrong link could cause you more problems that its worth.

Outbound links are links to another site, have you ever wondered what happens to your page rank when you create links to other sites. If you are now asking yourself what is my page rank then lets start here:-

Google’s ranking influencer, the Google PageRank (PR) is the topic of many discussions in the Search Engine Optimisation World and SEO companies all take account of their observations to sites page ranks.  The way Google PageRank calculation works is not clear as is anything Google do. 

Google PageRank (PR) is calculated for every webpage in Google’s database and this can from 0 to 10. The BBC have a page rank of between 6 and 8 so it is not easy to get a high page rank. We recommend installing Google toolbar with the Page Rank tool enabled to show you Page Rank as you browse. Google keep secret there true PR value but SEO people say it varys from 0.15 to infinite. A true representation is converted to a value between 0 and 10, zero being low to ten being high.

The calculation of the PR for a page is based on many factors such as the quantity and quality of webpages that contain links to that specific page.

Google PR is formed by the following formula:

PR = (1 – d) + d * SUM ((PR(I->A)/C(I))


  • PR is the PageRank of your page.
  • d is the damping factor which is usually set to 0.85
  • PR(I->A) is the PageRank of page I containing a link to page A.
  • C(I) is the number of links off page I.
  • PR(I->A)/C(I) is a PR-value page A receives from page I.
  • SUM (PR(I->A)/C(I)) is the sum of all PR-values your page receives from pages with links to your page.

So to break this down the Page Rank of a page is calculated by the Page Rank of every page that has a link to your page.

For every page I that points to your page, the Page Rank the pages that point the your page will be divided by the number of links from these pages.

These values are cumulated and multiplied by 0,85. Finally 0,15 is added to this result, and this number represents the Page Rank of your page.

If you want to understand your site further goto Google and Search “Open Directory Project”.

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO companys are miss understood. There are a few that give us good companys a bad name.

We hear so many customers say that they have been warned away from Search Engine Optimisation companys and this is a real shame.

Come to Chameleon and let us provide you with the best SEO possible and no monthly fees.

Another Bad SEO Company

We have another new client has come to Chameleon due to paying lots of money Search Engine Optimisation and they have achieved no results.

On investigation we have found that the SEO company had used Black Hat SEO and also failed to address the fundemental parts of website design to make the site Google friendly.

Also as we investigated there was no Google Analytics on the site and this suggests that there was no monitoring in place.

We informed the new client to ask for a report about the SEO that was carried out.  The should be available as a minimum and they could not produce this.

Due to being a professional company we will not publish any company details but we advise clients to ask for reports showing starting ranking positions of keywords and at specific intervals the new ranking positions.

Also if you contact Chameleon we can check to see if the SEO company has carried out the basic tasks to make the site Google friendly.

If you need more information about SEO visit Chameleon website.

SEO Companies that keep calling

In nearly every communcation with clients we are being informed that SEO companies are ringing and ringing and emplying the hard sell techniques to get work.

These companies should be avoided.

If an SEO company calls selling backlinks and they want you to look at your site whilst on the phone and goto a pre planned website to show no backlinks compared to your competitors then please put there website URL into the same tool.

Ask them how many backlinks they have and then tell them how many they actually have…..It is a new fun game that really annoys the hell out of the sales people.

Get them to explain why they are not top of Google when search SEO Services in the area that operate from as an example.

Happy SEO game playing.

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Google Adwords

Do you use Google Adwords?

If you answer yes do you use negative keywords?

If not you need to starting understanding negative keywords and use them!

It will save you money from the moment you starting adding them.

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SEO Best Practices

Understand SEO best practices is a art. Did you realise that can try so hard to optimise your site Google will penalise your site.

This sound mental but search engines are so complicated and difficult to understand that sometimes sites that have had a little on page SEO carried out actually do better than a page thats too perfect.

There are many things that can and should be done to ensure your website is positioned in search engines for the keywords you desire on page one.

The first thing Chameleon always do is identify the compeitors and then understand how much SEO has been carried on these sites before looking at any SEO at all.

One of the biggest things to consider when looking at SEO on your site is the Title and Description. These should match the page content.

Once you have these configured to give you the maximum keyords relevant to the page and your requirments then you are one step away from choosing actualy keywords. It is wise to run a free tool to check keyword density on the page and ensure the keywords are showing up. Then enter your keywords once you are happy.

So imagine you get everything right, the page content is superb and most of unique and you have everything perfect, will Google like the site. This is the hardest question to answer. Sometimes Google will gather the information and decide that the site is keyword spamming. Then you should go back to the drawing board.

If you are trying to be top of an localised area such as Birmingham, it is important to mention the word Birmingham in specific places that Google likes.

So SEO being carried out for Birmingham areas may look like:-

  • birmingham seo
  • seo birmingham
  • birmingham seo services

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