Britain has a hung parliament in 2010

Britain has a hung parliament following the UK 2010 elections and this has not been seen since 1974, even thou the Conservatives took the majority of seats which mean they are the largest party.

The Conservatives have won 290 seats so far but can not now reach the 326 needed to win an overall majority vote. There are 35 seats remaining to be counted and they need 36 seats to win.

This news is something that will change the face of the UK and it will now be difficult as all parties will have to work together. The Labour and Lib Dem are very similar so this would be much easier. But the Conservatives are more likely to have the opposite view points.

The most interesting point to mention is that the British National Party BNP have moved further forward than any other party other than the Conservatives.

David Cameron ahead, but not enought for outright victory

David Cameron is leading the UK election currently but not enough to for outright victory. It seems that it will be a hung parliment. The Conservative leader made a statement that Labour had “lost its mandate to govern” following one of the biggest swings towards the Tories since the early 1930s.

The final result of the election is which is expected to be confirmed early this afternoon due to more than 20 constituencies not conducting overnight counting.

It has been said that the Queen has not made plans to receive any of the party leaders to form the government until at least later on today.

UK Election Scoreboard Conservative | Labour | Liberal

National Results after 614 of 650 @ 09:38 07.05.2010

Party Seats Gain Loss Net Votes % +/-%
Conservative 290 94 3 +91 10,121,863 36.1 +3.9
Labour 246 2 87 -85 8,175,832 29.2 -6.3
Liberal Democrat 51 7 13 -6 6,416,725 22.9 +1.0

UK National Seats

At 08:45 Labour are gaining more seats as the counting continues.

Conservatives = 288 Seats

Labour = 241 Seats

Liberal Democrat = 51 Seats

Party Seats Gain Loss Net Votes % +/-%
Conservative 288 93 3 +90 10,035,618 36.2 +3.9
Labour 241 2 86 -84 8,024,022 29.0 -6.4
Liberal Democrat 51 7 13 -6 6,361,341 23.0 +1.0

Will the UK have a hung Parliament

Not web related but any business in the UK will be taking a close on the election.

At 8:20am The conservatives have 286 Seats and Labour have 237 seats. So the current swing is a change in favour of Conservatives but it is not enough at present to give Conservatives the total control. So many politicans have learned to their cost over the years that voting can not be predicted. However no matter how much prediction pointed at the Conservatives taking control because the UK has voted in a non clear cut way it is likely that we will have a hung parliament .

Nick Clegg raises the stakes in there campaign by appearing to indicate that he would insist on being Prime Minister himself in a government where power is split between his party and Gordon Brown’s Labour Party. But  Torry leader David Cameron and his performance coming upto the election has put him nearer to Number Ten Downing Street position, the Prime Minister’s office/residence in London. The fight seemed to be generated in a 2 against 1 battle.  And when you look the labour and Lib Dems votes addded together equal is 288 seats and the conservatives have 286 seats at this point in time.

Who will win the election