osCommerce Virus Problems

We have been informed today that Web security firm Armorize has detected more than six million online shopping sites with web pages that have been attacked with specific targetted exploits. These attacks use web browser vulnerabilities to insert malicious software which can effect applications or software running the websites.

Armorize has stated that the majority of hacked sites appear to be running non-updated versions of osCommerce, which is a very popular e-commerce shopping cart program that is used for many online stores. Maintenance of websites is something that many store owners over look and when web design companys quote maintenace fee’s the companys normal turn a blind eye to it as this is seen as money for nothing.

One of the most important factors in preventing the virus problems that we have today is keeping website software up-to-date and this is can be a large job. Backing up software and databases and carrying out website maintenance is a must.

In this the latest virus attack aimed at osCommerce only website not updated are at risk. Armorize has said that when a visitor to the website that is compromised visits the web pages the visitor’s browser is attacked with exploits that target web browser plug-in vulnerabilities.

These include two holes in Java, Windows bugs, and an attack aimed at a  security weakness in Adobe‘s PDF Reader. To protect your self against these vulnerabilites you should ensure you have all the latest patches that are available for your chosen browser.

Armorize explained that these malware targetted attacks are aimed at osCommerce websites so if you operate a website that uses osCommerce then please contact your web master and ensure that your shopping cart software is protected. 

The Armorize blog lists several ways to tell if your site has been hacked.

Get your osCommerce updated go to the link:- http://www.oscommerce.com/solutions/downloads