Configure Google email delivery MX records

A mail exchange (MX) record identifies a server that handles email messages
for your domain. A domain has one or more MX records listed in priorty order.
When someone sends an email message to your domain, the sender’s mail server
delivers it to the first available server in the priority list. You create new
MX records, or change their priority, in order to change how email is processed
for the domain. (Learn more about MX records
and mail server priority

You create MX records using the administration tools available from your
domain provider. The basic steps below are applicable to all domain providers.
For detailed instructions for specific domain providers, use the links at the
bottom of the page.

To create MX records for a domain:

  1. Log in to the administrative console for your domain.
  2. Locate the page from which you can update the domain MX records.
    You may
    need to enable advanced settings.
  3. Add an MX record for the email server.
    Enter the fully qualified server
    name, such as ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM. Many domain providers also require a trailing
    period at the end of the server name.
    (Learn more about the MX record details
    for the Google Apps email
  4. Set the priority for the record.
    MX records with a lower number have
    higher priority than MX records with a higher number. Different domain hosts use
    different priority numbering systems. Regardless of the system, the important
    fact is the relative priorities of MX records.
  5. If your domain provider enables you to set the Time to Live (TTL) value for
    the record, set it to 300 seconds.
  6. To add MX records for additional servers, repeat steps 3 through 5 for those
    Give backup servers a lower priority than the primary email
  7. Delete any existing MX records, or lower their priority.
    If you plan to
    continue routing mail to your legacy email server (for dual delivery or split delivery), retain the
    existing MX records with a lower priority.
  8. Save your changes.
    Keep in mind that changes to MX records may take up
    to 48 hours to propagate throughout the Internet.

If you have difficulty creating MX records, contact your domain provider for

Detailed Instructions for
Specific Domain Hosts


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