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Rank well in Google

Free SEO Advice

It seems that everyone is looking for free SEO advice as websites are becoming more advanced in SEO terms. The key to SEO success is hard to put your finger on. It is apparant that the harder you try the worse the results are that are achieved. It seems that Google are changing the goal posts slightly to keep ahead of the Search Engine Optimisation companys. So what free SEO advice can Chameleon Web Services offer?

SEO Basics

You have a website and you want to drive more traffic to the site so you need to start with SEO basics. One of the first things to understand is that Google record traffic visiting the site relating to keyword terms. Most websites have a fundemental problem when it comes to this as Google will basically be recording 4 results for sites traffic. This is known as canonicalisation and is one of the first SEO basics tasks that should be fixed to prevent Google recording information as below:-


This means in Googles eyes that there are 4 home pages that visitors hit depending on how it is that they have stumbled accross the site. Each home page will have information relating to visitors and this is being watered down. Fixing the canonicalisation errors on a site is simple if you understand coding. This is the first step in SEO basics that most sites lack.

.htaccess file

To setup a .htaccess file to avoid duplication issues edit the existing .htaccess file or create one and use the following code. The .htaccess file will be located at the websites root folder. If it doesnt exist already then this is the place to create it.

The code should be as follows:-

Options +FollowSymlinks

RewriteEngine On

RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^ [NC]

RewriteRule ^(.*)$1 [R=301,L]

Note that this is only on Apache server.

Now you need to test the .htaccess file is working.

Look at the link and see if it puts the www. back at the front of the URL.

Now try the index link and see if the index gets dropped.

Name Frames

Personalised Name Frames Gifts

We all love shopping online and looking forthat special present that is going to be loved and not put in the loft is very difficult. We are spoilt for choice in todays internet based shopping world but we have found the perfect gift. A personalised name frames gift is just great.

Personalised Photo Mounts

These look great as they are personal and special in every way. Goto Name Frames UK website to find out more information. Personalised Photo Mounts from Name Frames UK are great for Weddings and much more.

Search Engine Optimisation


The costs of SEO are noramally more than a website and most people never who own a website never understand why SEO costs so much. To have a true understanding as to why the cost of SEO is so much you need to be involved in carrying the reports and analysis and the man hours involved.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation is not something that can be done over night. But is something that is carried out over months to achieve true success. Search Engine Optimisation is also an ongoing task. Your competitors are also trying to obtain top positions in Google and this means you have try harder or smarter.

Chameleon SEO Campaign

Chameleon have many clients who have recieved great success from using a Chameleon SEO Campign. The benefits are long term and this is something all future clients must be aware of. A Chameleon SEO Campaign is going to benefit any website, the older he site the more we can do.

Emergency Birmingham Services Directory

Visit the Chameleeon Emergency Birmingham Services Directory Website:-

24 Hour Plumber For that Emergency

Live Wire Group in Birmingham offer the perfect call out service 24HRS a day for that plumbing emergency.

General Election 2010 Pros and Cons of a Hung Parliament

Pros: Technically, it is more democratic. Instead of one party having all the power, despite others being voted for, power is shared across the House, so more people’s views are represented. Cons: It’s more likely to collapse due to disagreements. It takes longer for decisions to be made. You tend to get weaker legislation, because those in charge are trying to please all elements of the coalition.


We get so many emails asking for us to link to other sites for a returning link. Take care when considering this as the wrong link could cause you more problems that its worth.

Outbound links are links to another site, have you ever wondered what happens to your page rank when you create links to other sites. If you are now asking yourself what is my page rank then lets start here:-

Google’s ranking influencer, the Google PageRank (PR) is the topic of many discussions in the Search Engine Optimisation World and SEO companies all take account of their observations to sites page ranks.  The way Google PageRank calculation works is not clear as is anything Google do. 

Google PageRank (PR) is calculated for every webpage in Google’s database and this can from 0 to 10. The BBC have a page rank of between 6 and 8 so it is not easy to get a high page rank. We recommend installing Google toolbar with the Page Rank tool enabled to show you Page Rank as you browse. Google keep secret there true PR value but SEO people say it varys from 0.15 to infinite. A true representation is converted to a value between 0 and 10, zero being low to ten being high.

The calculation of the PR for a page is based on many factors such as the quantity and quality of webpages that contain links to that specific page.

Google PR is formed by the following formula:

PR = (1 – d) + d * SUM ((PR(I->A)/C(I))


  • PR is the PageRank of your page.
  • d is the damping factor which is usually set to 0.85
  • PR(I->A) is the PageRank of page I containing a link to page A.
  • C(I) is the number of links off page I.
  • PR(I->A)/C(I) is a PR-value page A receives from page I.
  • SUM (PR(I->A)/C(I)) is the sum of all PR-values your page receives from pages with links to your page.

So to break this down the Page Rank of a page is calculated by the Page Rank of every page that has a link to your page.

For every page I that points to your page, the Page Rank the pages that point the your page will be divided by the number of links from these pages.

These values are cumulated and multiplied by 0,85. Finally 0,15 is added to this result, and this number represents the Page Rank of your page.

If you want to understand your site further goto Google and Search “Open Directory Project”.

Face Book Advertising

Face book can bring you sales if you create the perfect page. But it costs and we beleive your money is spent better on Google Adwords.

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO companys are miss understood. There are a few that give us good companys a bad name.

We hear so many customers say that they have been warned away from Search Engine Optimisation companys and this is a real shame.

Come to Chameleon and let us provide you with the best SEO possible and no monthly fees.