Birmingham Riots

Living in Birmingham for over 35 years and being proud of Birmingham it is shocking to see the youth of today acting the way that they are and destroying it.

The riots that took place in London are fueled by anger at the police for shooting someone. We say someone because if you stopped the idiots rioting in the streets of Birmingham and said what was the name of the person shot in London they would not even know.

The strange sad truth is that this is simply a glimpse of the future that is before us. There is no fear for getting arrested and there is no respect for the police.

Watching the news you get a vision of what people on the streets think. When you hear people make comments about them being soldiers it is a joke. Soldiers of what? fighting who?

The reporters turning on the police saying they are not doing enough and watching people loot shops in front of them. The reporters need to look at the facts. 20 police against 100 hooded idiots and if the police went in strong with force (which is needed) the same reporters would be saying “police used too much force” and this would be all on film. So the police watch because of the stupipd world that we have created.

The soldiers of these events are the police putting their life at risk to protect the people of Birmingham and the City Buildings and shops.

The young hooded community that are complaining that police are harsh with them stop searching them and treating them differently. They should ask themselves why? Look in the mirror!

The biggest problem is that the hooded community of asian / white youths are stealing and causing behaviour problems and getting a bad name and then moaning that they are being picked on.

How can people be so stupid. To see the real truth about the youth of today, watch this video of a young boy bleeding on the floor and then being helped up. You think this is nice and maybe we are wrong and there are some good people out there in the crowds. Then watch what happens:-

One of the BBC News reports showed a young asian woman saying “the black youth have no chance to get on and they are taking things because they can’t afford them as they have no jobs”.

All this trouble costs buisness owners money and the hooded asian community causing the problems then turn up and ask for jobs from the people they have stolen from. This is a situation that is mindless and out of control.

If they want to get on get education and start a new life. In life you get out what you put in and in you don’t bother putting any effort in then you can only blame yourself. We all have a chance to do well but it is down to us to take every opportunity as it comes and work hard to achieve what we can.