Being Top Of Google

What is it like being top of Google for your chosen keyword. It could be the difference between 1000 visitors or more a day or 10 visitors a day.

So how do you get top of Google?

There are various ways of being top of Google. Depending on your keywords and budget  you may consider a large SEO project or simply pay to be top using Google Adwords. If you are going to use Google Adwords is it important to use a professional Adwords company to save you lots of money.

Google Adwords Positions

Some professionals will say that there is no relationship between the position of an advertisement in the Google Adwords listings and being click on. So if the theory is right does bidding more per visitor in order to achieve a higher position than a compeititor actually get more visitors. 

The number one position in the Google Adwords listings is not always the best position. But this is hard to state categorically as everyone using the internet is different. However the factor which effect all visitors has and has the most bearing on your chance of being clicked on is definatley the text in your ad. Standing out from the other adverts will achieve more clicks over position.

We have also found that the higher click rate is often achieved when adverts appear in position 3.

Organically Top Of Google.

Being top of Google without paying is the utlimate success. This can be expensive if the competition is high. However the top position in the organic Google listings is the winning spot for sure. We have seen sites recieved 30% more traffic from being no 1.

To be top of Google contact Chameleon Web Services and ask about SEO services and Google Adwords.