Another Bad SEO Company

We have another new client has come to Chameleon due to paying lots of money Search Engine Optimisation and they have achieved no results.

On investigation we have found that the SEO company had used Black Hat SEO and also failed to address the fundemental parts of website design to make the site Google friendly.

Also as we investigated there was no Google Analytics on the site and this suggests that there was no monitoring in place.

We informed the new client to ask for a report about the SEO that was carried out.  The should be available as a minimum and they could not produce this.

Due to being a professional company we will not publish any company details but we advise clients to ask for reports showing starting ranking positions of keywords and at specific intervals the new ranking positions.

Also if you contact Chameleon we can check to see if the SEO company has carried out the basic tasks to make the site Google friendly.

If you need more information about SEO visit Chameleon website.