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Midland's based Bespoke Website Design internet Company.

Our Birmingham Web Design Services are not Free

CSS Website Design with SEO Web Design already incorporated.

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Chameleon Web Design Services are leading the way in web design. Our websites are not only visually stunning but also easy to use with the customer focus in mind.

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Why compromise on quality?

Just pay less for it!

Chameleon Web Design Services has been working with small business clients with great success, creating web pages that are clean and work.

Chameleon Web Services have a great understanding of web design and Search engine optimisation. we are based in Birmingham and consider ourselves to be the cheapest web design company in Birmingham.

We have different packages tailored for individual clients needs such as standard websites, eCommerce websites, Web Maintenance Solutions for repairing or improving existing websites and Template Designs for customers who want to work on things on there own.

Web Design Success

If you require a standard web site consisting of only a few pages then our prices are very competitive starting at only £150.

If you require a site that's design intensive or large in the number of individual page, then costs vary, but our prices are the cheapest in Birmingham, West Midlands. We do not offer free websites, however we have proved free websites to Charitys and helped with free website advice.

If you require an eCommerce website then we recommend using Chameleons in house developed backend system. We have developed many ecommerce products for small and medium businesses and we have tailored the perfect platform.

We used to use Actinic software but we required more flexibility and security with features needed to maintain and manage a successful online store.

To see our eCommerce platform in use visit either Hampers or Flowers websites.

Prices for our eCommerce websites vary depending on the full requirements that you may have.

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Below are some examples of sites we have done (this needs to be updated but we have not got time at the moment):-

Sweet Heaven OX4 Racing Emma The Childminder Bournville Classic Cars BE Transfers Gently Does It

Free Website Design in Birmingham

If you are being drawn into an advert by "FREE WEBSITE" then you need to seriously consider whether you want your business to grow using the internet.

You should look for affordable web design with a proven track record for designing websites that work. And remember FREE doesnt always mean free, there is normally a catch.

When choosing which web design company to use, the design aspect can play an important role in the success of your online presence.

We employ graphic and web designers who together produce great designs that not only work well for the user, they are attractive and clean.

Our websites are bespoke and will give you the individual look you need. If you are new to websites we recommend that you look at competitors sites to understand what you like and dislike from there sites and get other peoples views on your thoughts. When you have decided what you want from a website you should tell us the sites you like and dislike for us to understand what you vision is and then we can give recommendations to assist you in the final design.

We work with many new customers who have no idea of how websites function. We are patient and try and explain things at a basic level to help you understand how the web process actually works. We understand that you dont want someone to show off with fancy words explaining how the code functions and attempting to make us feel intelligent and you feel angry. We will explain how the process work so that you can get the most of your online experience.

The process:-

Step 1. Register Your Domain Name

Step 2. Create Your Website

Step 3. Host Your Website

Step 4. Promote Your Website

We can help you with every part of the process. We are a registered reseller from domain names and hosting and can save you money and time.

Contact us for more information.

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