SEO Competitor Analysis Report

seo-website-analysisUnderstanding what your competitors are doing is one of the most important factors of running an online business that many people simply ignore.

Firstly, identify your SEO competitors by going to Google and searching the keywords that you are trying to achieve and then make a list of the websites that appear to allow you to order a report to understand the profile and structure that these websites are using in their SEO techniques.

These reports provide data that will allow you to structure and plan your own SEO. These reports will provide you with data that can be used for your own website and also they provide the ability to understand in more detail the differences between your website and your competition.

Comparing websites against each other is very important, the basics behind the Google algorithm is to capture this data and then compare websites against each other in order to provide search results showing more relevant information.

Backlinks are a huge part of the Google algorithm and webmasters manipulate links to their advantage using anchor text passing power and this needs to be identified in order to understand and compete.

Looking at the backlink relevance is a large factor that Google use to return the best, most relevant search results.

If you can carry out this comparison yourself it will provide you with a better understanding.

Spy On Your Competitors Online Advertising

Understand Your Competitors

Researching competitors provides valuable data.

External Backlinks

Understand the referring domains that are pointing to your competitors website.

Backlink Power

Identify how the competitors website has gained strength and power.

Anchor Text Profile

Understand the competitors anchor text profile.

When did the competitor start SEO

Researching when competitors started SEO services.

New Backlinks

What are the latest backlinks the competitors website has added?

Lost Backlinks

What backlinks has the competitors website lost?

Understand The Online Profile

Why is the competitors domain ranking!

Analyse Optimization of Competitor Pages

Analyse the SEO optimisation of your competitor’s website using our tools and reports and you can start to create a picture of why Google like them more than your own website.

With a review of the keywords sending power and traffic to your competitors and understanding which domains are actually linking provides a big brother approach to your own online marketing strategy and we recommend that you have a review every 3 months to keep up-to-date with the online growth.

How Order Your Competitor SEO Report

Google the main keywords you are looking to achieve and make a note of the competition domain names.

Select how many competitors you wish us to investigate using the drop down menu.

Enter the competitor(s) domain name known as the URL.

Please use a comma or | between each URL,,

or | |

You can use the second input box if required.

Order Competitor Analysis
Reason For Report
Competitor(s) Website URL
If required add more URL’s

Example SEO Competitor Analysis Report

download_example_seo_report_buttonTo provide an example of the reports we have provided a sample of the website data. This data is a very small sample of the actual data we will be providing if you order a report.

Download the example

This is ZIP file containing various file to provide an example of the reports we create.

The ZIP file can be opened using any ZIP software such as WINZIP or 7ZIP. Windows computer should have a compressed file expander.

We have used the ZIP method to get the oversized files easier to quickly download.

Is It Important To Understand Backlinks?

Can The Reports Be Used With The Disavow Tool?

If you would like to understand what backlinks are pointing to your domain for use with the Google Disavow tool then this report will be ideal for this task.

The report will show all the links you have in an excel format that simply filter only the bad links with zero trust and then this can be exported directly into the format for uploading to Google Disavow.

We have found the Google Disavow tool really does work in recovery. If you have been using an SEO company that has caused your website to drop in Google search then the chances are a DISAVOW will recover this.

Once you have filtered your links you need to visit:-

If you are ordering for the purpose of using with the Google Disavow tool we can help here for FREE. When ordering simply select DISAVOW. This will tell us why you have ordered and we can then provide you with the file already filtered for you.