Celebrity SEO Marketing Services

Celebrity SEO marketing is an important aspect to consider for any high profile individual or group. Advertising strategy is very important for celebrities and the better the profile, the more companies will want to work with celebrities for endorsement of products. This will then mean higher premiums will be paid.


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  • Discrete Private Service

    Discretion and a clear understanding of clients needs!

  • 100% Transparent

    100% transparent services tailored to each client.

  • Account Manager

    Client account manager to manage project.

  • Tailored Advertising

    Bespoke tailored advertising campaigns.

  • Online Defence Management

    Bespoke online profile management and negative defence solutions.

  • Brands that stick

    Branding growth that sticks.

Celebrity Marketing

We have been working with a select number of high profile celebrities over the last 5 years. Due to the nature of discretion we are unable to provide any information on our website in relation to who we work with, as we keep this information private and confidential.

We provide services to aid, assist, help and teach rising celebrities, musicians, bands & artists to understand how to promote themselves using the internet, social media & traditional media.

Celebrity SEO

Do celebrities need SEO and online marketing services?

Celebrities need online marketing services to help promote themselves and also in the form of Online Reputation Management (ORM). We help our client to use social media correctly, which is one of the first rules that any new or old celebrity needs to know.

Also SEO can be used to drive the rankings of positive content suppressing negative informational websites and limit or restrict negative discussions, making SEO an important part of any celebrity’s business model.

Online Reputation Management (ORM)

ORM is managing the online reputation of a celebrity in the public eye. The service is focussed to ensure that negative content is limited in its reach and to counter it on social networks. Identifying the source and helping remove or block this content where possible.

We will work with our clients to understand and decide what needs to be shown to the public and what should stay hidden ensuring that our clients are safe online.

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