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Google Penalty Advice - Detected Unnatural Links Dropped from Google
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Google Penalty Advice when Google Detected Unnatural Links

If your website has dropped out of Google due to unnatural links.

If you receive a message from Google Webmaster Tools stating that a notice of detected unnatural links then contact an SEO consultant to see what has happened and how to fix this problem.

Google are trying to improve the Google Link Algorithm to detect unnatural links. This is the biggest change that will effect SEO companies ever.

In 2003 Google introduced Florida and then in 2009 they introduced Vince and the latest was in 2011 when they introduced Panda 2011. These updates are remembered by all involved in SEO.

In march 2012 the Unnatural Link update will effect the whole SEO industry and this will be kick which was needed as the link building has been getting out of control. The internet was growing with spam and SEO websites and companies are making a fortune selling links.

What to do when you get the unnatural links penalty from Google

Don't panic, if you business uses mostly Google for sales then the next steps you take will require careful thought. There are options available.

We have have seen silly SEO companies offering services and the clients that we have helped on investigation have links built like this:-

Google Penalty Advice Detected Unnatural Links

So as not to name a company we have removed the details which removes the scale. This is 16,000 backlinks in one month from practically no backlinks.

How to prevent the Google Unnatural Links problem in Webmaster Tools"

Prevent using unknown SEO companies who use spammy blog networks, profile link spamming, cheap paid text links, etc, all of which will add negative SEO.

Matt Cutts is clear with his vision to prevent the internet becoming even worse than it is already with spamming and this is new Google update is a step in the right direction.

So stop using the SEO company you are today and contact an SEO consultant that understand how to really add SEO value to your website.

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